Fantastic land - overlooking the harbour entrance

  • Traumblick auf Porto Colom

Ground on mountain top with panoramic view

Looking for a land on which you can fulfill your dreams? Then you have found it.
This up to 500 sqm cultivable plot of land is on the top of a hill, offers everything you want to enjoy a fantastic panoramic view of the sea, the coastal towns of Porto Colom, Calas de Mallorca and the back country of Mallorca, as well as to the monastery mountain of San Salvador.
Old ingrown trees with many olive and almond trees, as well as Mediterranean plants and flowers is the basis of your own paradise.


Manacor, situated in the east of the island, is the third largest independent municipality of Majorca, the second largest town and at the same time agricultural center of the east of the island.
The coat of arms contains a hand and a heart and this is what the name Man-a-Cor stands for “Hand on the heart”. The history of this town goes through the Moorish and Roman settlement periods back to the prehistoric times.

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