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Kunstwerk Herrenhaus mit Palme Kirche am Platz Promenade Promenade


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Information and Situation to Costitx

Costitx, the small, centrally located village with 800 inhabitants has the only astronomical observatory in Majorca. The quiet country life is interrupted from 7-10 September, when the feast Mare de Deu de Costitx is celebrated. But also the weekly market that takes place always on Saturday is seen as some kind of variety. Thanks to its central location you can reach quickly all parts of the island. The locality is very small and also relatively unknown – unfairly. Costitx is indeed small – but very charming.

When passing by you have to be careful not to drive off the locality again. The main square of the locality is its big part. On this square there is a bank, a bar, a church, town hall, a pharmacy and a grocery. But the locality should not be underestimated only because it is small – here there is namely the chair of the only observatory in Majorca. From 1988 the stars have been observed from here. The village is of the nature original nativeness – here you have the feeling as if you were in the former century. Everything is so quiet and contemplative but in spite of that the time runs here behind the walls of the beautiful houses. From many years the village Costitx is in dispute with the museum of Madrid – because of the fact that in 1895 during the earthworks in Costitx 3 bronze bull heads were found – a discovery from archaic times. Costitx requires giving back of the funds – the museum in Madrid would like to keep them.

  • Population: approx. 656
  • Weekly market: Saturday
  • Airport distance: 22 km
  • Excursions: Estate Son Carró, planetarium
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